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This is ALL about me

Well, now that you've seen all my hard work, would you like to get to know me on a personal or professional level? I mean, I've put in a lot of time and effort into this, so I hope the answer is yes! Plus, I promise I'm more interesting in person... or at least I like to think so.


UI/UX, Web Design, Wireframing,
Branding, Design UI, Product Design

This Is Me - Visual Art Work

I have been passionate about the arts since the age of 12. Although I was not very good at the beginning, I can proudly say that some of my pieces have been displayed at the Art Gallary of Hamilton during a Highschool showcase. 


2022 - 2022

I'm a Research Assistant

  • Assisted in experiments and data analysis while working alongside project lead in ensuring that requirements are met.

  • Conducted preliminary analysis and summaries of data and had to move data from Excel to Google Spreadsheets.

  • Obtained data and information from databases that were used within scientific papers, reports, and presentations.


I'm a Founder of Startup

  • Analyzed and strategized business goals, budgets, and resources that resulted in business growth and improvement.

  • Recognized improvement opportunities across the user journey and used a customer-service mindset to tackle these brand-specific issues, which included rebranding, and new packaging and drove business growth and transformation.

  • Juggled multiple marketing campaigns at once within a fast-paced business environment that resulted in continuous improvement within the business.

2021 - 2022

I'm a Marketing Rep

  • Continuously developed, improved, and analyzed agile marketing process and ensured team was aware of the continuous changes.

  • Worked collaboratively across various teams including project partners, leadership, and social teams to improve agile marketing process.

  • Devised, developed, and monitored processes to boost both short and long-term business success through agile marketing.

2017 - 2017

I'm a Marketing Coordinator

  • Worked alongside team leader in the planning, evaluating, analyzing, and optimizing of marketing campaigns to ensure it aligns within the project requirements.

  • Took initiative and leadership through developing excellent relationships with strategic partners internally and externally that were crucial to campaign success and drove business transformation around campaigns.

  • Used project management tools such as Smartsheet to manage key deliverables and to keep track of all the moving parts within a project.


What does design mean to me? 

To me design is about understanding the needs, wants and desires of the people you are creating for, be it an individual or a group of users, better than yourself. It's a process of creating something new or improving something that already exists for the benefit of the intended users. In this way, design is not just about creating something aesthetically pleasing, but also about understanding the user better than yourself and creating something that will enhance their life and experiences.

How do I know someone better than myself? 

Reflecting on nature can help you understand someone better than yourself by providing a new perspective on their actions and emotions. Observing the natural world can give insight into the complexity and interconnectedness of all living things, including people. By contemplating the beauty and simplicity of nature, you can gain a deeper understanding and empathy for those around you.


Leadership Skills

 Strategic Planning

Process Improvement

Data Analytics

 Consumer Insights

Team Builder

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